Custom fish processing at Barlean's Fishery for our local sports fisherman is yet another facet to our busy fishery. We offer services ranging from simply heading and gutting your catch, to filleting, portioning, and even custom smoking! With our experienced filleters, years of experience in custom smoking with our own alderwood smoker, blast freezer, and industrial vacuum packer, we treat your catch with the same hands on care and quality we use for our own fish. You can calculate your cost using our rates below.

Minimum Processing fee $20.00
Heading/Gutting                                     $5.00/fish
Filleting                                                 *$5.00/fish, Halibut  *$7.00/fish    (includes portioning!)
Steaking                                                  $5.00/fish
Skinning                                                  $4.00/fish
Vacuum packing (most bag sizes)         $ .75/ea
       8in bag (for the large fish)              $1.00/ea
Flash Freezing                                        $ .25/ea bag
** Smoking (plain)                                 $2.25/lb wet weight, prepaid
** Smoking (seasoned)                          $3.00/lb wet weight, prepaid

* This price is set for average sized fish, extremely large fish are subject to additional labor costs
** Custom smoking is available from mid-October to mid-July. We can accept frozen fish, and cost per pound covers filleting and portioning. Seasoned smoke flavors are currently montreal steak seasoning, garlic, garlic pepper, and pepper.
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