Local Restaurants featuring Barlean's Seafood

      To list off the restaurants we supply with the Pacific Northwest's best seafood is getting to be quite a mouthful these days! Here is a list of the restaurants (and links to them as well!) that we supply locally. If you haven't tried one of these places to go out and eat yet, give them a try! Not a single one has been passed up by Cindy and Ronan, or their adventurous crew. From our adventures, we have come to know Mykono's has wonderful Calamari; the fish tacos are to die for at Chuckanut Brewery; D'annas knows their way around the seafood medley pasta; The Cliffhouse has wonderful halibut and Whiskey Crab Soup; and no one should ever pass up the opportunity for Boundary Bay Brewery and Bistro's Smoked Salmon Chowder! As we have added new restaurants to our repertoire, It was time to mention more delicious items from the following restaurants! The Fountain has a wonderful schmear for their smoked salmon pate, Sorella's has wonderful halibut fish and chips, and Bayou on Bay has the best frogs legs and jambalaya! We hope to see you at some our favorite local restaurants, because there is nothing better than local eats made with local catches! 

The Shores

CJ's Beach House

Mt. Bakery

Vonna's Purple Fin

Bayou on Bay 

Skylark's Hidden Cafe

Keenan's (formerly Fino) 

Nicki's Bella Marina

LightHouse (formerly Harborside Bistro)

Cliff House

D'anna's Cafe

Chuckanut Brewery


The Archer Ale House

Boundary Bay Brewery

The Table

Brandywine Kitchen

Community Food Co-op


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