Hello all you fishy fans! We are presenting our recipes here as an archive, so you too can have the "in" on how to prepare the best seafood for your family! Want even more recipes? Sign up for our fishy news (click here)! We send out a newsletter to let you know what's coming in, specials for just our fishy fans, and hot new recipes! In our recipe archive, we feature local restaurants, new ideas, and some old favorites.  We included our two most beloved and popular local restaurant recipes, Boundary Bay Brewery and Bistro's Smoked Salmon Chowder, and  Cliffhouse's Whiskey Crab Soup recipe. Below is a grilling guide and  a directory by fish type.

Here's a quick BBQ guideline to assist you in your cooking times:

Seafood                                                Grilling Time

Fish Fillet, skin on                                  8-10 min per inch
Whole Fish, bone in (3 lbs)                     30-40 min
Clams                                                     5-8 min
Oysters                                                   8 min
Scallops                                                  4-5 min (for sea scallops, for bay scallops 2-3 min)
Shrimp                                                   4-5 min


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