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    Originally established in 1972, Barlean’s Fishery Inc. is now in its second generation as seafood specialists, with the next generation already growing quickly!  The Barlean family has always dedicated its heart and energies to make every family, near and far, proud to prepare and serve Barlean’s seafood's by providing the freshest seafood available. From the beginning, in the early 1970’s, Dave Barlean quit his job as a pipe fitter and decided to go reef-netting full time. He redesigned the traditional canoe style boats into a catamaran style and changed the reef netting industry: it was the first of a trend. These new style of boats has allowed Barlean’s Fishery to produce the highest quality wild salmon available. By owning three boats and using some advance telemarketing for the times, Barbara and Dave Barlean were able to deliver fresh salmon across the state within hours of being harvested. Although they are the most effecient ecologically and the best method for the freshest salmon around, today, there are only 11 boats in existence, all located in the San Juan Islands.

       In 1990 David, Barbara and their son Bruce Barlean became interested in yet another rich source of Omega 3 fats and began pressing organic flax oil. Using the same principles of freshness and direct distribution, Barlean's Organic Oils quickly soared to number one in their category. In 1994, their daughter Cindy and her husband Ronan acquired Barlean’s Fishery and continue serving our community in the family tradition of excellence.

      Barlean's Fishery has had to weather poor fishing seasons, political uncertainty, new government regulation, and a change in the consumer to buying daily instead of weekly. In 1997 Barlean’s Fishery, Inc built a new processing facility to keep up with the new demands, allowing Barlean’s Fishery  to easily change with the times. The Fishery boasted a brand new smoke house to start preserving fish, live tanks for dungeness crabs and manila clams, and custom processing,  for themselves and for the local fishermen, both treaty and sports fishermen. The new plant allows us to be in complete compliance with the new local, state, and federal regulations. The additional space in the new red "Fish House" also allowed the handling and processing times to be shortened, ensuring that the seafood is at peak of freshness when sold. Here at Barleans, processing and retail sales occur in the same building, eliminating the question of, “How old is this fish?” Customers are even welcome, and encouraged, to pick their fish right off the processing line.
     Today, Barlean’s Fishery, Inc. is open year round to buy and sell seafood. We still own and operate one last  reef-net boat for catching the local wild pacific salmon, and as a vessel owner and processor, Barlean’s Fishery can guarantee the most direct source of wild salmon. Additionally, we buy halibut, Dungeness crab, spot prawns, oysters, and clams directly from local fishermen or shellfish farms. By buying direct, our quality is superior without the added costs of expensive brokers, traders, and distributors. With this reputation of our excellent quality, and the ability to buy the finest seafood locally, some of the restaurants in the Bellingham area are proud to use our seafood to serve to their customers.
 All products can be shipped directly from our Ferndale processing plant to your door, or packed for travel if you are visiting. It is our goal to make every customer confident and pleased to serve only Barlean’s premium seafood to friends and family. Great taste and quality don’t just happen, they are the result of planning, teamwork and dedication to excellence.


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